Best Value Procurement

A Unique Procurement and Project Delivery Approach


Is the Best Value Procurement Model Right for Your Organisation?

Is your organisation struggling with the procurement process? Are you finding it hard to identify and differentiate expertise between your tender respondents while maintaining all probity considerations? If your looking for solutions to these fundamental problems then we welcome the opportunity to discuss the Best Value Procurement (BVP) model with you.

Are your suppliers loosing confidence in the fairness of your tender process?

Have you been observing bias in the evaluation process?

Are you always hiring expert suppliers on all your projects, or have you had so many bad experiences you don't believe there is such a thing as an expert?

What is the BVP Model?

The Best Value Procurement Model (BVP) is a risk and value focused approach that’s designed to identify and utilise expertise. This paradigm shift approach is reached by following a sequence of elements that are carefully put together with the principles of transparency and pre-planning with experts.

The Best-Value Procurement model developed by Simplar is backed up by over 25+ years of research, testing and refinement. With more than 3,000 successful projects across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, this approach has developed a global reputation to be the most advanced and successful procurement model within hundreds of industries.

As many organisations struggle to consistently attract high-performing vendors, approach has utilised innovative procurement techniques to attract higher quality teams and increase the probability of awarding your contracts to them. Improving the fairness of your procurement environment is part of attracting higher quality vendors, increasing the quality of proposals and ultimately building a stronger bottom line.

We invite you to contact us to find out more details about the BVP approach and how JNT Consulting can help transition your organisation to new methods that will identify, prioritise and minimise project and procurement risk.

See How BVP Can Work For You

John Matta – Director & Founder of JNT Consulting discusses the Best-Value Procurement approach in this CIPS ANZ webinar.

Why Are You Getting Poor RFP Proposal Quality?

See how suppliers’ perceptions can affect the quality of their proposals to your tenders. Learn how the XPD Best-Value Procurement methodology can transform your tendering experience.

Why Is Supplier Branding Not Good For Your Tender Evaluation?

How is the supplier name and their branding affecting the quality of your RFP evaluation process? Learn how the XPD Best-Value Procurement methodology can transform your tendering experience.

What’s the Next Step?

Step 1: Contact Us

Regardless if you have just attended one of our presentations or read one of the Best-Value approach publications, contact us so we can understand your goals, objectives, and vision.  We can quickly provide you with the best strategy and path moving forward.

Step 2: On-Site Presentation

Schedule time for us to present the Best-Value Procurement model to your team in-person so we can address the actual needs and challenges of your organisation.  We can respond to questions regarding pilot projects, training, integration, costing, and scheduling.