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Our Story

Providing a Better Way

JNT Consulting has emerged as specialists at the forefront of innovation in procurement methods that are helping organisations evaluate and identify opportunities for growth in the procurement and sourcing arena. It has become evident that regardless of the industry you’re in, the challenges faced by procurement organisations or departments seem to be the same.

And that got us thinking..there must be a better way.

This common problem shouldn’t hold your organsation back from taking advantage of the latest procurement techniques and project management capabilities. Our primary focus is to assist procurement leaders in enhancing sourcing effectiveness through innovative procurement approaches and providing clearer visibility into their unstructured data through advanced analytics methods. Our relentless focus on helping you build your bottom-line will help ensure your spend is effectively optimised and producing the results you desire.

John Matta

John Matta – Founder and Director of JNT Consulting, has developed a great reputation for bringing innovation and new ideas that enhance procurement outcomes.

John is the person in Australia certified by Simplar (the creator of BVP) for the Best-Value Procurement and is the first to bring this model to Australia. John has extensive experience in running advanced procurement for major and complex projects with high profile within the Victorian Government and surrounding areas using the Best Value Procurement model.


Why Choose Us

JNT Consulting continues to expand within Australia due to our unique approach that distinguishes us from other dated methods traditionally found in the market place.

Senior Procurement Executives often come to us when they are looking to implement new and innovative sourcing methodologies that will maximise major project outcome while minimising risk. They also find that we are able to provide procurement data analytics solutions that empower them to unlock real opportunities for their organisation.

We are procurement specialists

We use advanced procurement methods

We take advantage of cutting edge technology

We help deliver cost reduction and improve client profitability

We customise our training solutions to your specific organisational needs