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If your organisation is looking to change, looking to continuously improve, or looking to advance your procurement practices, we have learned the proper techniques to get you there. We have also learned (over the past 25+ years and thousands of projects) what does not work. We can help keep you from making costly mistakes that other organisations have made when trying to change/advance procurement techniques.


Two Ways to Maximise Procurement Results

Through Best-Value Procurement (PVP) and Modern Procurement Analytics we will help your organisation adapt to the new challenges in sourcing and procurement.


A new way of thinking…an innovative procurement approach


Turn your procurement raw data into real and tangible opportunities


Professional Procurement Consulting

It’s time to re-think procurement. There is no better way to do than by partnering with JNT Consulting. We are your source for providing your organisation with the knowledge and tools you need to trasition to a modern and efficient procurement methodology. There’s no need to struggle on your own when we are here to help you succeed.


What Our Partners Are Saying

“JNT Consulting were engaged by the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria to develop a series of dashboards to display key metrics for internal and external reporting for different business areas. JNT Consulting delivered products that increased reporting and business intelligence capabilities and streamlined the presentation of key metrics. JNT Consulting collaborated with the business to ensure a successful build and integration, adjusting their approach to accommodate our evolving business requirements to ensure maximum benefit. I recommend JNT Consulting to any organisation seeking a talented, collaborative and agile technology delivery partner.”

Richard H.

Magistrates' Court of Victoria

“JNT Consulting helped us to implement the Best-Value procurement model on a couple of major projects at EPA Victoria and the outcome was outstanding. The BVP process helped us to very quickly identify the expert supplier, where the risk minimisation was the core focus of the supplier. JNT guided us in every step of the way from the identification of the expert supplier to the final preplanning with that expert; the risk was addressed and the cost was verified in a fully transparent and advanced procurement process.”

Carl G.

Environment Protection Authority Victoria

Some of Our Partners